5 People Who Need CPR Training

27 July 2023
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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving technique that can significantly increase the chances of survival for someone experiencing cardiac arrest or a sudden cardiac event. The timely and proper administration of CPR can mean the difference between life and death. While everyone can benefit from CPR training, certain individuals are in positions where having this knowledge is particularly crucial. Here are five groups of people who need CPR training. Babysitters and Nannies Read More 

Online Supplemental Education For Kids: Science Labs

10 January 2023
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Whether your child is forced to learn remotely because they're sick or you're homeschooling your child full-time, online supplemental education for kids can be a great way to enhance learning. When utilizing online supplemental education for kids you may need to be creative when it comes to replicating science lab activities. Here are some science activities to consider when using online supplemental education for kids: Chemistry Grasping the intricacies of the chemical reactions that make life possible can be endlessly fascinating to children. Read More 

3 Amazing Things Your Kid Will Acquire From A Daycare

4 March 2022
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The idea of taking kids to a daycare makes some parents experience a range of emotions. For some, it's exciting because it relieves them of some duties and gives them adequate time to work to provide for their families. Others feel anxious because they're leaving their kids with strangers. Regardless of the emotions you experience, your child can acquire many great things from a daycare. This article highlights three amazing things. Read More 

Top Things To Know About BLS Certification Courses

28 June 2021
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Basic Life Support (BLS) certification courses are typically held at community colleges and other venues. You might have recently heard about these courses, or someone might have told you that you need to take these courses and earn a BLS certification. Some of the top things that you will want to know about BLS certification courses can be found below. They're the Same Thing as CPR Courses You might have heard of CPR courses, and you could be wondering how they differ from BLS courses. Read More 

Give Your Child A Head Start: Why They Need To Learn The Abacus

29 October 2020
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If your child is getting ready to start school, and you want to increase their chances for success, it's time to teach them how to use an abacus. You might think that an abacus is an outdated method to teach math, but that's not the case. Where math is concerned, an abacus can mean the difference between success and failure. The abacus is an ancient mathematical device that was invented in China around the year 1300 BC. Read More