Need To Avoid Student Loans? 5 Ways Your Family Can Keep Them Smaller

20 September 2016
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Sending a child to college is, for many families, a mindbogglingly expensive endeavor. Between tuition, room and board, books, and living expenses, it can be something that you end up paying for for decades after it's over. But there are some ways to save a lot of money if you think outside the box. Here are a few money-saving methods for any family. Rethink Your Timeline. Don't feel pressured to send your child to a full four year college right out of high school. Read More 

3 Reasons Outdoor Education Programs Are Important For Students With Learning Differences

10 May 2016
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If your child has a learning difference, then you may wonder how you can help them succeed in the classroom. One of your first priorities should be to find a school with teachers who are experienced working with children with various strengths and weaknesses. In many schools, only special education teachers have experience working with children with learning differences. However, it is important that all of your child's teachers understand how to support them throughout the school day. Read More 

How Playtime Builds Crucial Developmental Skills In Children

24 March 2016
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As your child begins to grow up, it is vital that he or she have enough time just for play. Playing can be beneficial for children emotionally, developmentally, and educationally. If your child is an only child or if you do not have a lot of friends with children, you may want to consider enrolling your little one in preschool. Not only will this offer educational benefits to the child, but it can also offer a lot of other important benefits just from the time the child will spend playing while he or she is there. Read More